Do you want your Floyd tribute band featured here? First, include a link from your site to ours then Drop us a line and tell us where to find the link!  This is a FREE service but we are also open to all sorts of graft & corruption! Unmarked notes in a brown paper bag will be fine. Submissions MUST be made by band members (or their reps) only. Fan submissions are not accepted.

If you have a special show coming up and wish to advertise on the site, please CONTACT US

Note to bands already listed. It takes time & effort to replace pictures once they have been published on this page. Bands requesting a change of picture will need to donate a fee of $10 (US). Can’t find your link? We remove ALL sites that break their links to us. If you want your site re-listed, add a link to AFG FIRST and then contact us. We might think about adding you back in, but there again, maybe not.

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