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Roger Waters New Album ~ In The Flesh
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The downloads are no longer available as the album has now been officially released.

Hower you can listen to snippets from many of the songs, in Real Audio or .wav format by clicking this Link

A transcript of Roger's recent SFX interview that was broadcast between 1 - 4 Dec can be found Here Be sure to also read an article about Syd in the early days, that I contributed!

A couple of things you wouldn't have heard during the interview are that some of Roger's band are going out on the road with Eric Clapton next year, so the new album won't be finished until early 2002. The hiatus will give him the opportunity to finish Ca Ira.

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Roger Waters To Release New Album - Official!

"It's certain that Roger will be releasing a new album". "James Guthrie is involved with the album and has said that he has to have it ready for Christmas." That's what I reported in my newsletter The Amazing Sponge on 17 July 2000.

On December 5 Columbia Records released the eagerly anticipated "In The Flesh," two-CD recording of the entire live show (drawn from performances in Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Irvine, California, and Portland, Oregon) and Waters' first full-length release since 1992's "Amused To Death."

A deluxe DVD version of "In The Flesh"--featuring a Hi Definition live concert video with 5.1 Dolby Digital and LPCM Stereo music mixes, a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, band biographies, still photographs, projected images, lyrics, and more--is currently in the works with a release date TBA.

"In The Flesh" is produced and mixed by longtime collaborator James Guthrie, who has worked on Waters' music since co-producing and engineering "The Wall" in 1978 and has remastered the entire Pink Floyd catalog. Guthrie recorded the concerts as a 48-track analog recording before mixing it down to high resolution digital. "I just like the sound of analog," says Guthrie. "It's much more resolute. It's more real. It breathes. It's more three-dimensional."

Appearing with Roger Waters (guitar, vocals, and bass) on "In The Flesh" is his band of top-flight musicians including Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), Snowy White (guitar), Doyle Bramhall II (guitar and vocals), Graham Broad (drums), Jon Carin (keyboards), Andy Wallace (keyboards), Katie Kissoon (vocals), Susannah Melvoin (vocals), and PP Arnold (vocals).

"The strength of this record," Guthrie says, "is to hear Roger performing such a great cross-section of material from very early Pink Floyd, i.e. 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun,' to more contemporary Pink Floyd to Roger's solo career. It's a very dynamic performance. They are all important pieces of music."

Throughout the U.S. tour, critics praised the power of Waters' performances, the timelessness of his music, the show's intimate production values and seamless structure. The San Jose Mercury News reported that the show "was rock as art, with the kind of concern for sound rarely seen today." And the Fort Worth Star Telegram raved that "his long, luscious two-set show made up mainly of Floyd classics was on a more human scale? this show felt like a celebration." The Los Angeles Times was equally enthusiastic and wrote, "the show illustrated the extent to which Waters operatic rock has influenced generations."

The first verse of "Each Small Candle" was written by a South American who'd been a victim of torture. An Italian journalist, active in the initiative against torture in Northern Italy, had given Waters the short poem years ago. The poem lay in a drawer in Waters' studio until, during the crisis in Kosovo, he read a piece in The London Times describing a Serbian soldier who saw an Albanian woman lying in a burned-out building. The soldier left his platoon to give aid to the woman, then rejoined his men and marched off. The image inspired Waters to set the short poem, "Each Small Candle," to music and pen additional lyrics. It is the song that closes In The Flesh.

Roger Waters co-founded the groundbreaking Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett in 1966. When Barrett left the group, Roger went on to create such classics as "Dark Side Of The Moon" (which spent nearly 15 years on the Billboard 200 album chart), "The Wall" (which has been certified 23x RIAA platinum), "Animals," "Wish You Were Here," and "The Final Cut." Following the release of "The Final Cut," Roger Waters left Pink Floyd.

His first solo album, "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking," was released in April 1984, to great critical and popular acclaim, generating his first solo tour. June 1987's "Radio K.A.O.S." continued the path of solo success, bringing Roger back to the stage. His last solo album, the darkly ironic "Amused To Death"--considered by many fans and critics alike to be an achievement comparable to "Dark Side Of The Moon" or "The Wall"--was released in August 1992.

Waters has been working on "Ca Ira" (pronounced "sa-ira"), an opera in English and French. 

Source: http://roger-waters.com/