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David Gilmour - Official DVD Launch Photos Brian Rasic, David Gilmour's official photographer at last weeks DVD launch, has been in touch to tell us that a bunch of official photographs are now online. Brian was also the official photographer at the Royal Albert Hall gigs last year, and these wonderful pictures are also available to view. To add some delicious icing on the cake, there's also a collection of Pink Floyd pictures from Live 8. Brain doesn't only concerntrate on the Floyd family though. There are some fantasic pics of the Rolling Stones, The Police, Elton John, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna, Bon Jovi, and many many more. DON'T MISS THIS

Gilmour At The Odeon - Report Last night (6th Sept) saw the launch of David's upcoming DVD Remember That night. David performed Castellorizon, before the showing of the 90 minute excerpt from disc 1 of the HD version of the DVD. After that, there was a Q&A segment, and then David called Rick Wright, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin, Phil Manzanera, Dick Parry and Steve Di Stanislao to the stage. The band got together for an 'Island Jam', which by all accounts went off! Check out the REVIEWS & PHOTOS & VIDEOS

David Gilmour In New Issue Of 'The Word!' “Even after 40 years in the business, there’s a slight sense of ‘ Do I belong here?’” An impossibly modest Gilmour looks back at Syd, Live 8, the chemistry of great bands, the Albert Hall show with Bowie, Crosby, Nash and Wright – and Pink Floyd, the band you can leave but you can’t leave behind. A fascinating new update on the Floyd chronicle by Jim Irvin – PLUS previously unseen contacts sheets of the Floyd’s first appearance on Top Of The Pops in 1967! THE WORD is out September 13 (Cover date October)

Projection, Lights, and Staging News Last months issue has a great spread on the production side of Rogers' 2007 tour. Too large to eature on site, we have made available a ZIP File of the article, available to DOWNLOAD. (17MB) Great reading for the technical minded. With thanks to Projection, Lights, and Staging News & Jerry Wilson

Remember That Night Round Up Tomorrow night (6th September) sees David Gilmour at the Odeon Leicester Square (London). David will be at the HD Cinematic World Premiere of Remember That Night, his live concert film that was filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006. The event will be transmitted live via satellite simultaneously to other theatres in the UK and Europe. During the evening, David will answer a selection of fan questions and perform one number live on electric guitar. For those who are unable to get to a participating theatre, you can listen live to David answer questions on RADIO 2 (The radio broadcast commences 8pm London). Then on 15th September, David will be at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton (London). This time it's North Americas turn, as this event will be beamed live to 166 locations. If that's not enough, UK viewers will be able to watch an hour of the Royal Albert Hall concert on BBC1 at 11pm on Saturday 8th September. Don't forget, you can order the DVD at these special Amazon links USA | UK

Roger Waters Plays With Supergroup Singer Jon Bon Jovi formed a special supergroup to celebrate the Labor Day holiday, comprising Billy Joel on piano, Jimmy Buffett on guitar with Paul McCartney and Roger on vocals. The impromptu performance took place a party Bon Jovi threw on Sunday night (2Sep07) at his Long Island, New York home. They performed Bon Jovi and Beatles tunes, along with many of Billy Joel's songs.

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Re-Release Delay Originally scheduled for release on 27th & 28th August, we now understand that the release dates have been put back as follows. The UK edition (Both 2 & 3 CD sets) will now be released on 3 September. The US 2 x CD set will be release on 11th September, with the 3 x CD set being issued on 18th September. You can order the 3 x CD Set Storm Thorgerson designed package as follows United Kingdom 3 x CD or USA/Rest Of World 3 x CD Or the standard 2 x CD Set - UK | USA/Rest Of World The official reason giving for the delay is as follows. "While searching the EMI and Abbey Rd archives for the original master tapes to be used in this release, it became clear that the producers had unearthed some previously unreleased versions of tracks from the 'Piper' sessions. In order to allow thee rare and previously unreleased new versions to be included on this special anniversary edition, it has been necessary to move the album release date back 1 week." For those that want a taste of what's to come, you can watch ARNOLD LAYNE (Right click, download and then play) or you can listen to BIKE

Snowy White Clips Long time Pink Floyd & Roger Waters augmenting musician Snowy White has a new album out on 12 October. Named Live Flames, the live album , which was recorded in the UK in 2006, features Snowy's regular band The White Flames. You can now get to listen to a selection of clips from the upcoming album by visiting the Snowy White Fanclub (You may have to wait for this album to scroll into view)

David Gilmour - Shine On You can now catch another glimpse of David's DVD. have Shine On You Crazy Diamond, as a Featured Video The performance was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall last year, with Shine On featuring Crosby & Nash. We will also shortly be bringing you details of how you can win a SIGNED (by DG) lithograph! Stay tuned. Don't forget, you can pre-order the DVD from Amazon USA | UK

Pigs Might Fly - The Inside Story Of Pink Floyd Our good friend Mark Blake, Editor-In-Chief Q & Mojo Special Editions, has been in touch to tell us that he has finished writing his book about Pink Floyd, which he has aptly titled 'Pigs Might Fly'. This looks to be a brilliant read, as it's the first full biography of the band for 15 years. It also features nearly 100 interviews, some with band associates who have never spoken about their associations with Pink Floyd before. The book will be published worldwide by Aurum Press on 4th October. We hope to be bringing you a review of the book closer to publication date.

Rick Wright Confirms New Album In The Works Regular visitors to this site will recall we broke the news about Rick being keen to make a new album back in April 2006 after a meeting with Pink Floyd Management. Now, in an interview with Reuters, Rick has confirmed "I'm going to do an instrumental album, based on the piano, and I've (got) loads of stuff recorded. It depends how I treat the piano, and whether I need other musicians to play on it. I've got the compositions down. But it's not imminent -- hopefully next year". You can read the full interview HERE

Echoes - Dedicated Website Author Glenn Povey has been in touch to tell us that a dedicated website has been set up for ordering his fantastic "Echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd". This really is a 'must have' for any Floyd fan, and in our opinion, is probably the most complete, and best illustrated book about the Floyd that has ever been written. Mind Head Publishing

New Nick Mason Book??? Although we have received nothing official as yet, it is claimed that Nick Mason has a new book in the works, that's slated for release in October 2008, and reputedly called Pink Floyd On Tour. Amazon UK are currently taking pre-orders for the book, even though it's release date is over a year away! With many thanks to Pulse & Spirit for bringing this to our attention. UPDATE - Nick Mason has denied that there is any truth in this story.

Pearl Jam 'Censorship' Furore Continues The show at Lollapalooza on 8 August featured Pearl Jam performing their song "Daughter" singing modified lyrics to the tune of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" However these words were cut from the AT&T webcast: - "George Bush, leave this world alone." (the second time it was sung); and - "George Bush find yourself another home." When asked about the missing parts of the performance, AT&T informed Lollapalooza that portions of the show were in fact missing from the webcast, and that their content monitor had made a mistake in cutting them. Needless to say this censorship has caused a huge outcry that doesn't seem to be abating. Read more about the incident on the Pearl Jam Website

Beyond The Dark Side Judging by the reviews that have been coming in, the latest Beyond The Dark Side tour is a sensation. We have just heard from the band that they are likely to announce a Brisbane date shortly, and it's most likely a string of other Australian dates will also soon be forthcoming.

Piper 40th Anniversary UK 3CD Our Amazon UK store is now taking pre-orders for this highly anticipated release. You can order the 3 x CD Set Storm Thorgerson designed package as follows United Kingdom 3 x CD or USA/Rest Of World 3 x CD Or the standard 2 x CD Set - UK | USA/Rest Of World Purchasing through Amazon this way helps keep this site afloat.

Nice Syd Expo To commemorate the first anniversary of Syd Barrett's death, an electronic journal called Ecclectica (Brandon University canada) has just been published. Featuring a series of poems with illustrations and music, this is worth investing some of your time in. Invest Here

Parting Of The Ways All good things come to an end, and now that Roger Waters has finished his 2007 tour, the individual members of the band are now starting to go off in their own directions. Snowy White is leading the way, by announcing his own tour, with his old band The White Flames. Snowy kicks off a European tour on 26 September. Full Tour Dates Dave Kilminster is also moving his solo career along, and will participate in a web chat at on August 4 at 7pm ET (UK Midnight) You will also be able to listen to his new CD 'Scarlett'.

Piper 40th Anniversary 3CD & 2 CD Sets - Pre-Order Now Pre-orders are now being taken by both our UK & USA/Rest Of World Amazon stores. The special and regular editions are planned for release on August 27th in Europe, and August 28th in North America. The packaging of the special edition has been designed by Storm Thorgerson, and resembles a cloth-covered book, which holds 3 CD discs, along with a 12-page reproduction Syd Barrett notebook. There is also a Standard 2 X CD set. You can order the 3 x CD Set Storm Thorgerson designed package USA/Rest Of World | UK or the Standard 2 x CD Set UK | USA/Rest Of World Purchasing through Amazon this way helps keep this site afloat.

Roger's 2007 Tour Grosses $31 Million! It's been reported by that Roger has landed the No. 1 world spot in ticket sales so far for this year. He is the only artist to have moved more than 1 Million tickets, for a gross of $30.9 million, with an average ticket price of $80.90. His 2007 tour ranks No.6 on the North American charts.

Check This Out! An amazing range of Pink Floyd goodies can be found on the most excellent website. We spotted T-shirts, hats, magnets and key chains. Posters and stickers, calendars and postcards. And that's just to name a few! Check Here

David Gilmour To Perform Live At DVD Launch David's OFFICIAL SITE and blog have reported that he will be performing live at the Odeon Leicester Square (London) on 6 September. The event is to launch David's new DVD. The performance, Question & Answer session, and a cinematic version of the DVD will be shown, and transmitted live to theatres across Europe & beyond. Please check David's website for more details. You can pre-order the DVD from Amazon USA and save $7.99!

Early Memories We are currently redesigning parts of the site that need bringing up to date, and the first section we are looking at is Early Memories Our resident graphic designer Bill Evans has come up trumps again, with a mind blowing graphic, which you can see in it's full glory HERE

Roger Waters to perform at VH1 Gala Roger will perform on the same bill as Jon Bon Jovi and John Mayer at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation's 10th anniversary gala on September 20th. The event is being held at the Lincoln Center in New York City, where Former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, will join Mariah Carey and others as honorees. SOURCE

David Gilmour 5 Minute Interview We are delighted to present a terrific video featuring a great range of clips from David's On An Island tour of last year. To be included on David's upcoming DVD ('Remember That Night' - Sept 2007) the video includes a bunch of back stage material, and even David Bowie manages to squeeze in on the act! This is a MUST SEE for all David Gilmour fans. Real Player Hi | Low Windows Media Hi | Low (With many thanks to David's Management & EMI) Pre-Order the DVD and at the same time assist this site Amazon USA

Treasure Trove!! Some incredible pictures of Pink Floyd circa about 1965 have just surfaced. The majority of these brilliant pics have never been seen before on the net. Have a look at a few of the samples above, and then COME ON IN to our special exhibit, featuring 26 glorious pics.

Cyprus Latest We have an exclusive story on this proposed Roger Waters show, so if you want to know the latest, hop into the Tour Zone

More US Dates Announced! Check out our Tour Zone for more Roger Waters dates in the USA

Roger Waters In Cyprus - Now Listed! Check out the Tour Zone for more info

Roger Waters - Denver Confirmed Further to our story on 1st Feb (see below) it's now been confirmed that Roger will be playing Denver Colorado on 30 April SOME TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW Read More

Dazed & Confused - Pink Floyd In Cyprusl? Seems the media in Greece & Turkey are getting themselves somewhat confused! There's been a flurry of stories over the last few weeks about the possibility of Pink Floyd playing there, but on closer examination it seems it's actually Roger Waters that these stories are referring to. (Ok, we know a lot of you think Roger Waters IS Pink Floyd, but cut us some slack here please!) Now the Cyprus Mail have come out with the following screaming headline 'Pink Floyd to play the Nicosia wall?' The story goes on to say that the concert will take place at the Nicosia buffer zone on May 9. Before you email us, we know nothing at all about Roger performing in Greece or Turkey, but you can be assured if we do find out anything, it will appear here in a flash.

Roger's Appearance On Saturday Night Live Cancelled! READ MORE

Rosemary BreenThe City Wakes – A Tribute To Syd Barrett A multi-media stage production is to be performed in Cambridge this English autumn. The production, is endorsed by Rosemary Breen, (Syd’s sister) who has made a donation to the project from the Syd Barrett Trust. Funds in the trust were raised by the sale of Syd's belongings last year. Centred on outstanding reworkings of Syd’s songs, the production will include a magical live performance by the Grasshopper’s Green Herbarian Band, as well as fascinating new video work tracking Syd’s art and the explosion of avant-garde culture in 1960s Cambridge. Full Story (Pictured, Rosemary Breen)

Saturday Night Live Controversy There are grumblings about the possibilty of Roger crossing a picket line in order to appear on the Saturday Night Live show on February 2nd. You can read more & also have your say about this issue in our online poll READ MORE

Roger Waters At Coachella & On Saturday Night Live We have been tipping it for some time now that Roger will be appearing at the Coachella Festival, and it seems all the rumours were true! In addition, we can bring you the news that Roger will also be appearing on Saturday Night Live on February 2nd, performing the Dark Side Of The Moon Suite! READ MORE ON BOTH STORIES

Forum Members Super Treat Scheduled for one hour, the forum web chat with Dave Kilminster on 16th Jan went for a marathon 3.5 hours, with Dave taking & answering all questions that were thrown at him! When it was put to him about the possibility of more Roger Waters shows this year, he answered " I think it's safe to assume that we'll be doing more than two this year!!!!!" Dave also expressed his PERSONAL feeling that there might well be a DVD sometime in the future from the 2007 tour. Also looks like Dave will be doing a tour with some friends later on this year, and there may be one or two Floyd tunes thrown in. You can read the full transcript of the conversations with Dave in THE FORUM

Roger Waters At Latin Live 8??? Check out the Tour Zone for more info

Wanna Be A Rock Star? Ever fancied playing in a band with Nick Mason? Well here's your chance! There's to be a Rock 'n' Roll fantasy camp to be held in Hollywood, CA. in February (2008). Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp™ is a one-of-a-kind event that brings music lovers of all levels together with professional rock 'n roll stars - and that brings those music lovers the unforgettable opportunity to move from the spectator stands to the stage, sharing the limelight with living legends. Nick Mason & Brian Wilson will be the special 'stars' at the camp in February. MORE INFO

Dave Kilminster Forum Appearance - Don't Miss Out! Don't forget that Dave will be a special guest of the forum on Wednesday 16th January, and will be standing by to take your questions. You MUST be a forum member to participate, and applications for membership (free) will close shortly before Dave's appearance. If you haven't done so already, you should sign up now before it's too late! Dave wil be guest of honour from 1pm (UK time) for about an hour. If you want to find out what time that is in your neck of the woods GO HERE To access the forum, please take THIS LINK

Dave Kilminster To Guest On AFG Forum We are delighted to announce that ace guitarist Dave Kilminster will be a special guest on the AFG forum on 16th January (subject to change). This is your chance to ask Dave questions about his career, his touring with Roger Waters, and anything else for that matter! If you are one of the few that is not a forum member already, we suggest you sign up now (free) in order to avoid any last minute rush FORUM

Roger Waters 2008 Tour Zone Now Open We have thrown open the doors to our 2008 Roger Waters Tour Zone. With two shows already announced for 2008, we are getting ready to bring you comprehensive coverage of all Roger's appearances next year. If you come across any info about the tour, advertisements, (any language) articles & interviews ( English please), or anything else related to Roger's shows, please DROP US A LINE To access the tour zone, please click the Tour Zone image (above) or GO HERE (Please note: All info about Roger in 2008 that was previously on this page has now been moved to the tour zone)

Tasty Wallpaper Our resident graphic artist Bill Evans has been busy updating the Fleeting Glimpse logo, and while he was at it, he decided to give us all a treat, and made a stunning 1024x768 version. This great artwork makes an absolutely brilliant wallpaper for your computer. Download it by right mouse clicking, saving, and then setting as your background. You will be so glad you did! DOWNLOAD

More Box Sets On Way We understand that Amazon US have been able to secure another allocation of the Oh By The Way box sets, and are taking orders again. Don't forget that by purchasing from our Amazon links you are assisting this site. Amazon UK | USA - World

Listen To Nick Nick Mason appeared on the Steve Wright BBC2 radio show on Friday (14th Dec). Whilst there's nothing really new, it was a good chirpy interview, and well worth a listen. LISTEN AGAIN (Forward to around 2:33 on the counter) Thanks Dougie.

Liftoff! Those following the Simpson 'spider pig' saga will be relieved to know the porker was launched on 11 Dec without mishap.

Spotted! Billed by the London Times as 'the mothership of all reunions' (we know better, that happened on 2 July 2005) Led Zeppelin reformed for a one off concert at the O2 Arena in London on Monday night (December 10) Spotted in the audience, was none other than David Gilmour and wife Polly. We are hoping that David went along to perhaps get some ideas about a show or tour by the Floyd, but we highly doubt it.

Oh By The Way - Amazon US Sold Out? We have had a number of emails telling us that Amazon US no longer has the upcoming box set for sale (you can only register your interest). Amazon US are unable to give us a reason why this is so, and as the set is an import from the UK, we are starting to suspect that the US allocation to Amazon has run out. It's for this reason we are suggesting to our friends in the US who haven't ordered this yet, should in fact order it as an import from UK Amazon In the meantime reports are coming in that some sets have already been delivered and being played as we speak!

Oh By The Way 3D Stream On the eve of the release of the new Pink Floyd box set, EMI have released a three dimensional look at the set, complete with Comfy Numb as the soundtrack. CHECK IT OUT If you haven't ordered your set yet, please consider using our special Amazon links to make your purchase. UK Amazon | USA - World

The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink? Forty years after Britain's foremost underground band released their debut album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd remain one of the biggest brand names and best-loved bands in the world. This film (that airs on BBC One on at 10.45pm on Wed 12 Dec) features extended archive footage, some of it rarely or never seen, alongside original interviews with the four surviving members of Pink Floyd and traces the journey of a band that has only ever had five members, three of whom have lead the band at different stages of its evolution. MORE INFO

The Spider Pig Grounded Those following the story of the Simpsons 'spider pig' and it's intended rise to glory, will be disappointed to know that bad weather conditions prevented the oinker from taking off. Be sure to check out this hilarious clip for a peek at the attempt.

The Spider Pig Cometh If you're taking a stroll in South West London tomorrow (Thursday 6 Dec) and see a giant pig in the skies, don't worry, it's not the drugs finally taking their toll on your sanity, it's just Spider Pig! So if you have nothing better to do, head down to Battersea Power Station where a double decker bus-sized inflatable Spider Pig will be moored to the roof of the iconic power station to recreate the 1977 Pink Floyd stunt for the sleeve of their 'Animals' album (and promote the release of the Simpsons Movie DVD). Thirty years ago, the Pink Floyd pig broke loose and caused havoc for air traffic controllers when it rose to 20,000ft so this time there is apparently a SAS-trained marksman on hand to plug the porker if he tries to make a run for it.

Blind Auction Here's an unusual item. It's an authentic mask, as worn by the kids in the movie The Wall. To make this even more special, the mask has been signed by the films animator Gerald Scarfe. (Comes with authentication) One of these masks (unsigned we understand) was recently spotted on a movie memorabillia site for £750. This one is being sold by blind auction, direct from this site. If you are interested in owning this very unusual part of Pink Floyd's history, then you can make a blind bid for it. Send your bid (minimum £400) direct to Bidding will close at midnight (Brisbane time) on 11 December. The highest bidder who reaches the reserve will win the auction. The equivalent of eBay fees will be donated by the seller to this site. In turn that will be donated to charity. CONCLUDED

From The Rumour Mill Will Roger Waters be appearing at the Coachella Festival in April 2008, and even going on tour? We don't want to get hopes up, only to disappoint later, so we stress THIS IS A RUMOUR ONLY Obviously if we hear more we will be sure to let you know. UPDATE Roger's Manager has been in touch & officially denied these rumours. THE FORUM is currently speculating otherwise though!

All Gone! Our good friends the Bannisters over at have told us that all copies of the 1975 Knebworth box sets have sold out, thanks to A Fleeting Glimpse, and our sister site Brain Damage They do still have 10 of the Knebworth and Bath combined sets left, but you better be quick for those. More info or email

Storm looks on at a pile of his books that he probably has writers cramp from signing

David Gale - Part of the Cambridge mafia & boyhood friend of Storm & Syd Barrett.

Nick Mason spent a great deal of time at the exhibition. Looks like Nick prefers white wine
Above are a few pictures from the private viewing night of Storm Thorgerson's art exhibition at the Elms Lester Painting Rooms on 22 November. The exhibition, known as' Mind Over Matter...The Images of Pink Floyd' has been attracting large crowds, but there are still some art works available for sale. The exhibition runs until 4 December. Many thanks indeed to John Davies for the pics.

The Black Strat by Phil Taylor - A Brief Review I must admit it was with some trepidation that I opened this book. Not being at all technically minded, I thought I was going to read page after page of technical jargon, which to be honest, has very little appeal to me. However, I’m pleased to say that my initial thoughts were proven wrong, and this is a great little book (about A4 in size, 128 pages) and a yummy read! Packed with countless breathtaking pictures (many never having been seen before), the author manages to weave a fascinating tale about the trials & tribulations of David Gilmour’s Black Strat over the years. Sure there is a wealth of technical info, but it’s easy to read for a layman like myself, and is actually very enthralling. Apart from the previously mentioned pictures, the highlight for me is how Phil doesn’t use flowery language, but tells his story in a down to earth manner. You can read this book from cover to cover in a couple of hours, but you will want to go back to it again & again to pour over the incredible pictures, and be transported - backstage & back in time. Essential reading for any Floyd fan. Col More info & to order

Storm In London Friends of Storm Thorgerson have been in touch to remind us that Storm's world travelling art exhibition is currently in London. The exhibition, known as' Mind Over Matter...The Images of Pink Floyd' is on at at Elms Lester Painting Rooms, 1/5 Flitcroft Street, London WC2 8DH (off Denmark Street). WEBSITE It runs from now until December 4, and there are currently about 60 pieces of work there, all of which are for sale. If you haven't seen it already (or even if you have) catch up with our extensive coverage of the tour, which includes a number of exclusive interviews and dozens of pics, including some exclusives of Rick & Nick. TAKEN BY STORM

Days in The Life BBC Radio 2 have aired both parts of a two-part documentary looking at the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd. Featuring extensive interviews with the band, you can listen again by taking THIS LINK

Black Strat Ready To Rock! Phil Taylor (David’s personal guitar technician) has been in touch to tell us that it's all systems go for his new book 'The Black Strat' . The book, that tells the official chronological story of David Gilmour’s favourite legendary Black Stratocaster from 1970 to the present, is on sale from 15th November, but only from Phil's official site

Wow! We have had a massive reaction to our new 'Animals' exhibition that we presented a few days ago. You might recall that one of the road crew on the 1977 Animals Tour donated some of his memorabillia to A Fleeting Glimpse. Well now we have MORE. This time we have been given a bunch of pictures that show what life was like on the road. Although there are no band members pictured, this is still a facinating, and never seen before insight into life on the road with Pink Floyd. (A special thanks to Lee Smith for making this possible) Souvenirs Of A Pink Floyd Roadie

Pink Floyd In De Polder Our Dutch & Belgian friends are in for a treat. Pink Floyd In De Polder (which translates to Pink Floyd In The Lowlands) is a new book on Pink Floyd. The book covers the Dutch (and Belgian) chapters in Pink Floyd's history, in the 40 years from 1967 onwards. Holland was the destination of the band's first appearance outside the UK. The 228 pages are packed with nearly 150 images and pictures, most of them previously unpublished, including the only known picture of Syd Barrett performing live with Pink Floyd in The Netherlands, the first ever concert photo of David Gilmour ( February 1968), and previously unseen pictures of the band taking the stage of Paradiso, only to announce that they aren't allowed to perform! FULL DETAILS

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