12 Sept 05

Nick Mason is doing the final mix of the CD this week, so at last we can come out with the inside story for you!

Nick has been fully and enthusiastically involved throughout the production of the audio version of Inside Out. As well as enjoying recording his reading of the book, he has added a typically Floydian flourish to proceedings. As he says, ‘To fit the book on the CDs we had to lose a couple of jokes, so we’ve added a lot of funny noises instead!’

The chapters have been linked together by short montages which blend Nick’s selection from the sound and musical effects on Pink Floyd’s albums with additional, new sound FX, including Nick’s beloved Ferrari 250GTO.

The use of these effects has been a trademark of all Floyd albums, from the radio voices on Astronomy Domine from their debut album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to the heartbeat that opens The Dark Side Of The Moon and the peals of bells on The Division Bell.

For once we can genuinely say this is an audiobook that comes complete with bells and whistles – not to mention some Arctic winds, Venetian canals, telephones, aeroplanes and a squealing pig or two!

This audiobook brings us right up to date with Nick’s personal view of the band’s reunion with Roger Waters for Live8. The whole package comes as 3 CDs, with a 32-page booklet of photographs, in a special collector’s pack, priced at £15.99, and was released on 6 October by Orion Audiobooks

Competition Time

Competition Finished – Winners List Below

Be the envy of Floyd fans everywhere! We have 5 copies of Nick Mason’s wonderful ‘Inside Out’ Audio Book to give away. All 5 copies will be personally signed by Nick Mason, and these are sure to be highly sought after, and could become collectors items.

We are giving this competition a bit of a twist. Instead of having to answer questions, we are going to give you an answer, and you are going to ask the question yourself!

Here’s how it works. Below is the answer to a question. All you have to do is to drop us an email and tell us what you think the question is! We will be looking for the most amusing answers, so make us smile. (Keep ’em clean please!) Best 5 entries will be published on A Fleeting Glimpse, and win one of these great Audio Books.

Here’s the answer:


To enter YOU MUST use THIS LINK (Generates email)


1/ One entry per person.

2/ Your question must be less than 25 words.

3/ You MUST include your name and postal address with your entry.

Prizes posted within one week of conclusion of competition, and will be sent by standard mail. No liability for lost or stolen prizes accepted. Winners agree to having their entry, name and City & County published.

Privacy Statement. Give us your email address, and we will make sure that it gets sold to whoever wants to buy it. Give us your home address and we will come round and burgle you. (Only kidding, your details are safe with us. – Honest!)

No correspondence entered into. All entries go to an unattended filtered mail box and will only be collected at conclusion of competition. Entries close midnight 31 Oct (Brisbane time)

Prizes with thanks to Alexa from Orion Audiobooks.


Thanks to all who entered. This competition drew the second largest response we have seen! (second only to the Tsunami Raffle). We were looking for humerous responses, but dozens of entries stuck to the general ‘Where did Pink Floyd come from’! Anyway, here’s the list of winners, and their entries. Remember, the answer was Cambridge, you just had to give us the question!

Guy Carrasco – Nuneaton UK

The band confirmed secretly acquiring the old relic as a town centre commemorative tribute .So where do you intend to relocate Battersea power station?

Mark Hand – Gt Yarmouth England

This is where the boy’s in light blue changed to pink and created a kaleidoscope of world music.

Tom Kuntz – Baldwinsville NY USA

Name of a place that’s of utmost importance to Pink Floyd’s beginnings, and also Harvard University’s existence? Both places have the same name.

Gunnar Rådberg – Skellefteå Sweden

At what university do they prefer Ummagumma instead of having sex?

Dave Lewsam – Kotara NSW Australia

Could A Major Band Reunite If Dave Gilmour Endorses?

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