Back Stage With Roger Waters
There is so much to tell.
4 April 2002 - Sydney Australia

(Above) Harry & India Waters

We arrived in Sydney around 2pm on Thursday 4 April (The day before the first Sydney show). I had arranged to meet Keith Collyer (an internet friend & a member of the mailing list Echoes ) who had just arrived that morning from the UK. So I phoned Keith and set up a meeting for 3.30pm at his hotel lobby.

My wife and I set off for the Regent Hotel to meet Keith and he duly appeared promptly at 3.30pm. Within minutes his wife Janet joined us in the lobby of the Regent, where we had a few minutes getting to know each other in person.

It was then that I spotted a very familiar face at the Hotel reception desk. I excused myself from the group and went up to reception armed with my camera. It was there that I introduced myself to none other than Harry Waters. Harry was with a young woman, whom I assumed was his girlfriend.

I chatted with Harry for a few minutes, telling him that I had seen his father perform many times before he was even born. Harry said that he was having a great time touring with his Dad and that it was a wonderful experience for him. He seemed quite surprised that anybody had recognised him and I said that I had picked him out because I had a number of photos of him on my web site. He was very interested in this and asked me the URL (He actually said "URL" so I assume he uses the net). He then asked me to repeat the URL, than said he had "got it" and said he would have a look at my site later on that night.

Feeling somewhat bold I then invited him and his lady friend out for drinks. To my surprise, he actually thought about that for a while but then said he wasn't sure what had been arranged for them that night but thought they might be going out for dinner.

He said it was fine to take some pictures, which I duly did. I thanked him for his time and then went back to join my wife & Keith and Janet.

It was only then that I realized that I didn't have a picture of myself and Harry, so I grabbed hold of Keith and we both went back to where Harry was standing and asked if he minded having his picture taken with the 2 of us. While we were getting organised to have the picture taken, I asked Harry about his sister India Waters and quick as a flash Harry turned to the girl he was with and introduced me to her as his sister!

As soon as I looked at her I could see the resemblance to her father and she was absolutely charming to me and gave me the cutest smile!

We then had a series of pics taken (which sadly didn't turn out too well). I asked both Harry & India if they would be at the back stage meeting I was going to have with Roger the next night and they both said they hoped to be there. We thanked them and let them go on their way, with many smiles and a wave of the hand.

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