This part of the site is actually where the concept of A Fleeting Glimpse originated.

These stories have now been quoted many times in books, magazines and newspaper articles.

Please feel free to use any of this material. A link back is nice, and attribution appreciated.

The links in the wonderful graphic* above will take you back to another time. Here you can read about Pink Floyd in the early days and how I remember them starting out way back in 1966! The stories are split into 6 chapters and deal with the Floyd's development from 1966 - 1988. All stories are accompanied with graphics designed to fit the time periods. I hope you enjoy your trip.

You can also find another subset of 3 stories, named 'Another Hippy Remembers', written by fellow Hippy Ian Macintosh. They delve back to the days of Syd and special reference is made to The Gong Family. Accompanied once again by pictures to suit the times, I'm sure you will enjoy this trip down memory lane.

*The graphic was designed by graphic artist Bill Evans. Thanks a bunch Bill!

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